IN ACTION

The Center facilitates the application of knowledge through hands-on and simulated experiences that engage participants with real-world infection prevention and control practice. Our programs equip learners with the skills they need to apply what they learn across multiple healthcare settings. Simulations allow participants to engage in realistic experiences that are otherwise difficult to recreate in real world settings. Immersive experiences are catered to advanced leaners seeking deeper engagement with didactic material. Lastly, the Infection Prevention Professional Internship will provide participants with expansive training in infection prevention and control for application in their careers.


Simulations allow participants to visualize and actively participate in infection prevention activities that may be difficult to experience in real-world healthcare settings.

Medical Consultation
Checking Blood Pressure


Infection prevention is present in all healthcare and public health settings. This internship will focus on expansive training and application, so participants gain the skillset for infection prevention and control programs in real world healthcare environments. 


Infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship is present across all healthcare and public health settings. This practicum gives students practical learning experiences and the opportunity to work alongside professional and experts. 


Advanced learners will benefit from these deeper experiences that cover important didactic material and allow substantial immersion in what they have learned.

Filling Out a Medical Form