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To educate community and rural healthcare providers in infection control concerning COVID-19.




Specimen Collection: Types, Collection Methods, and New Approaches and Testing


a. Review current landscape of testing for COVID-19 looking for presence of virus or presence of antibodies

b. Identify important steps in the testing process that directly influence results and ability to use results for specific purposes

c. Outline clinical relevance of test results

Dawn Balcom, DNP, FNP-C

Maximizing Use and Conservation of PPE During COVID-19


a. Identify elements of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to include in a conservation program

b. Establish quality and safety elements necessary for consideration when developing a conservation program

c. Explore metrics that help determine quality and safety of PPE conservation programs

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Dawn Balcom, DNP, APRN

Environmental Infection Control and COVID-19


a. Identify current cleaning and disinfection approaches targeting SARS-CoV-2

b. Review use of supplies and equipment that may be part of building response approaches

c. Explore monitoring processes that can help identify worker performance improvements to enhance cleaning and disinfection activities

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Dawn Balcom, DNP, APRN

Impact of COVID-19 on Patients, Families, and Visitors & Health Disparities


a. Describe management strategies for vaccinating in a mobile setting

b. Review temperature monitoring, documentation, and temperature excursion prevention

c. Explore best practices for transporting vaccine to and from stationary sites

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Dawn Balcom, DNP, APRN

Influenza and COVID-19 Overlap


a. Review the current landscape of both SARS-CoV-2 and influenza illness and forecasts of the impact of twin epidemics in the community

b. Identify approaches to improve identification, vaccination, prophylaxis and treatment that may impact this overlap

c. Explore patient and community interactions that may serve to promote healthcare access during a disease overlap period

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Dawn Balcom, DNP, APRN

Trager–Republic Bank Fnd Optimal Aging C

COVID-19 & Infection Control During the Holiday Season

At this week's COVID-19 Information Session, we were excited to welcome guest speaker, J. Hudson Garrett, Ph.D. from the Division of Infectious Diseases at UofL and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Hudson led a conversation exploring the upcoming holiday season in relation to COVID-19, including measures we can take to reduce the spread of infection and the impact that could be felt by nursing homes, hospitals, and the health care system as a whole.

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC


At this week's COVID-19 information session, We were excited to welcome guest speaker, Ruth Carrico, Ph.D, FSHEA, RN, CIC, UofL School of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases. Dr. Carrico lead a conversation exploring the challenges of combating the seasonal flu during a pandemic. Through her work with infectious diseases, Dr. Carrico gave insights to how diseases function and ways to prevent or lessen their spread.

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Current Efforts to Monitor Virus and Protect the Healthcare Workforce

In this week’s session, we were joined by guest speaker Ruth Carrico, Ph.D, FSHEA, RN, CIC, UofL School of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases. She provided an overview of the efforts being taken by UofL Health and the larger health system in Louisville to monitor the virus and to protect the health of the healthcare workforce.

Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., DNP, APRN, CIC

Christian Furman, MD, Medical Director of the Republic Bank Foundation at the UofL Trager Institute - provided update on the procedures for clinic patients on how to access their providers

Barbara Gordon, MA, Director of Community Engagement, UofL Trager Institute - shared an update on the continuing services available to older adults through the Area Agencies on Aging in Kentucky.

Erica Osborne, Program Manager, UofL Trager Institute - shared several programs and resources available through the UofL Trager Institute that include support programs for caregivers and PEARLS, a program that helps individuals 60+ alleviate depressive symptoms.