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Center for Education and
Training in Infection Prevention

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The Center for Education and Training in Infection Prevention focuses on promoting training and education that is critical for addressing infection prevention in communities and healthcare settings across Kentucky.

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Our training and education strategy, from publication to practice, ensures the ability of healthcare personnel to apply knowledge as they focus on infection prevention across healthcare settings. What we learn from application is disseminated through interdisciplinary publications that will impact the full spectrum of healthcare disciplines.



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Asking for a Friend

Submit your real-life case studies and questions regarding IPC issues and our expert nurse practitioners will respond to the top questions in our monthly newsletter.

PLEASE NOTE: "Asking For a Friend" case consultation does not create or otherwise establish a provider-patient or consultant-client relationship between any clinician and any patient whose case or scenario is being presented. Do not share any confidential patient information, PHI (name, etc.) when identifying your patient or scenario during communication.